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What To Do If Your Car Is Totaled

Totaled Vehicle Tips Even if your car does not look like it was seriously damaged after an accident, your car insurance company may still total it. When your auto insurance company totals your car, you will receive a payout for the actual cash value of your vehicle. Knowing how to handle a totaled vehicle can help to […]

How Do You Pay For Your Auto Insurance?

Usage Based Auto Insurance If you are a good driver, you may be able to benefit from lower insurance premiums. Many auto insurance providers are now offering pay as you drive car insurance policies that will base your auto insurance rates off of how good of a driver you are. These usage based auto insurance […]

Big Issues With Uber’s Insurance

Auto Insurance and Uber Uber has completely transformed the way that people are getting around. With much lower prices than traditional taxis, and the ease of ordering and paying, more and more people are looking towards Uber to help them get around. However, not everyone is happy with the growing company. Taxi companies are using […]

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