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Archives for September 2015

Basics of Return of Premium Life Insurance

Understand the basics of return of premium life insurance before committing. A return of premium life insurance is a form of term life insurance in which you are guaranteed to either receive your death benefit or get your premium back. If you outlive the term of your life insurance policy, you can be entitled to […]

How to File a Fire Insurance Claim

Your insurance company will help you walk through the process, but get prepared with this guide! If you are unlucky enough to have suffered from fire damage in your home, you will have to file a fire insurance claim through your insurance company. Before doing so, you should refer to your home inventory list. This should […]

Do I Need Collision Car Coverage?

Collision car insurance is just one of the main sections of an auto insurance policy. When purchasing car insurance, it is good to know exactly what you are getting in your policy. To understand collision coverage can be helpful for drivers to realize the value of their insurance and the deductible limit that they should […]

Get Ready For A Power Outage With These Tips

Power Outage Preparation Power outages can be stressful and frightening. Preparing for a power outage before one happens can help to make sure that you are not scrambling to find a source of light in the pitch black. Keep these power outage tips in mind to ensure that you are prepared for the next time […]

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