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Archives for September 2014

Safeguarding Your Wedding Day With An Insurance

As you plan the flower arrangements, the music, the entire ceremony, and everything in between, you may think you have covered all the bases. The amount of time, money, and planning you put into your wedding day should be safeguarded with a wedding insurance policy. Without a wedding insurance policy, you leave your special day […]

Dog Bite Liability Claims & Your Homeowners Insurance

If you are thinking about whether or not to invite a furry friend into your home, you have much more to think about than the smell, noise, and cost. Chances are your insurance company will penalize you if you get a dog. Sadly, the commonality of dog bite liability claims continues to be one of […]

Must-Know: Insuring Your New College Student

Saying goodbye and sending your child off to college can be both an overwhelming and exciting experience. While you may think all the worries are off your plate as you become an empty nester, you must remember the insurance requirements of your new college student’s big move. Are they properly insured? Gathered is some must-know […]

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