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Archives for June 2014

The Most Common Claims Homeowners Make

Homeowners’ insurance policies are made to cover many kinds of incidents. Insurance companies have found, however, that the most common claims can be lumped into one of the following categories: Pets Most homeowners don’t consider their pets to be a liability, but they certainly are. Dog bites are a very common insurance claim. If you […]

Do You Need Additional Insurance Coverage?

Think about all of the valuable items within your home–a beloved pet, an expensive computer, an heirloom and how much it would cost to repair or (in some cases) replace them. Repairing or replacing household items can add up and become very costly. Here are some insurance extras you may want to consider: Electronics While […]

Beware of Social Media When Filing Insurance Claims!

No one likes having to file an insurance claim. Whether you’ve been in a car accident and need to contact your auto insurance company or you have to call up your homeowners insurance provider because your roof suddenly developed a leak during thunderstorm season, it can be frustrating. However, you’re going to be even angrier […]

Tips for Seniors and Auto Insurance Policies

As a senior, your auto insurance policy probably takes out a large portion of your income every month. Taking the steps to work on lowering your auto insurance payments, especially after any life changes that affect your income is important to saving as much money as possible while still having protection from your auto insurance […]

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